Cash for Clunkers – Cloquet, MN

When something breaks and can’t be fixed, people usually toss it and go buy a new one, right?  How often can you find someone who not only WANTS your broken stuff, but also wants to PAY you for it?   Hi-way 210 Auto Parts is a great place to get cash for your clunker in Cloquet!  We’ll pay you top dollar for your junk car or MORE if it’s complete!  Have a wrecked or junk vehicle you want to get rid of?  Maybe it just stopped running or maybe it’s been sitting in your yard for a while.  No matter!  Get it out of your yard and off your mind.  Not sure how to move it?  We offer a towing service!  And the best part is: we will tow it for you for free!

The other day I had a friend go outside to start her ’95 Buick Century.  The key turned but the engine didn’t start.  What DID start was an ugly spray of gas and oil shooting out from under her car.  There was a crack in the block and in the gas line.  It was a pretty bad deal and there was no fixing it.  This meant it was time for her to go car shopping!  My friend was looking to save some money and was happy to find out that she could get cash for her clunker!  The best part was that she could now put that money towards her new car, and as we know, every little bit helps!
Making cash off your wrecked car has never been easier! From timely pick-up to excellent customer service, Hi-way 210 Auto Parts will leave you feeling like you’ve been given a great deal!  And if your car hasn’t quite “clunked” yet, we also offer auto repair to help keep it running longer.  Choose from our new and used vehicle parts!  We have over 1,000,000 parts on hand and we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for!  Get cash for your clunker in Cloquet, today!
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