Get Cash for your Clunkers – Hermantown, MN

Do you have a broken-down vehicle? Do you want to make some cash? If you are in the Hermantown MN area and looking to make some extra cash for you junk car, come check out Hi-way 210 Auto Parts!  Call us today to talk about your options.  Most of the people who bring us their junk cars walk out with top dollar!  If your wrecked car is complete, there’s a good chance we can give you a better deal.

Making cash off your wrecked car has never been easier! From timely pick-up to excellent customer service, Hi-way 210 Auto Parts will leave you feeling like you’ve been given a great deal!  And if your car hasn’t quite “clunked” yet, we also offer auto repair to help keep it running longer.  Choose from our new and used vehicle parts!  We have over 1,000,000 parts on hand and we’re happy to help you find what you’re looking for! Get cash for your clunker in Hermantown, today!

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