Get Cash for Your Junk Car – Duluth, MN

Looking for an easy way to make a few extra bucks?  Have an old, broken-down vehicle sitting around?  If you are in the Duluth, MN area and are looking to get cash for your junk car, come check out Hi-way 210 Auto Parts!  Call us today to talk about your options.  Most of the people who bring us their junk cars walk out with $250, but some walk out with more!  If your wrecked car is complete, there’s a good chance we can give you a better deal.

“Well that sounds pretty good,” you might say, “But my car is so wrecked that there is no way I can get it to you.  I don’t have the means to tow it myself, and I can’t really afford to pay someone to tow it for me.  Plus, after towing expenses, is it really worth it to bring my car to you?”  The answer is YES!  Because here is the best part: we offer FREE TOWING!  We have an excellent towing service and would be happy to take care of the transportation for you; this will save you a small headache!

Getting cash for your junk car in the Duluth, MN, area has never been easier.  Don’t hang on to your wrecked truck or car because you don’t know what else to do with it!  Bring it to us and put the money you make towards purchasing a new vehicle.

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